Ubuntu-PH LoCo – First General Meeting for 2010

Date: January 29, 2010  ( Friday)
Time: 20:00 H
Location: #ubuntu-ph on Freenode[1].

The agenda will be as follows:

1) Activities and Events for 2010
a. Online tutorial on package translations
b. Webinars for new Ubuntu users
c. Other seminars and offline events
d. Tools (conference packs) and Resources (presentations) for offline events

2) Translation of Packages for Lucid Lynx

3) Locales due for libc

4) Preparation for the LoCo Team Re-approval

5) Regional contact persons

6) CD Request Process

7) Other matters
direct web browser chat channel


*use firefox, does not work on chrome, add exeptions.

courtesy of Dax Umaming  Ubuntu-PH
See you guys there!!!

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