Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 on WP standard edition

Early days, Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Beta was only available on a Windows Phone Professional Edition. I was so sad, because it was not compatible with my Windows Phone Standard Edition (non-touch screen). I cannot install and use the new features of the MS Office Mobile 2010. The benefits of the MS Office Mobile 2010 on my Windows Phone no luck. OFF-LIMITS!!!

I was envy on my friends having touch screen Windows Mobile Phone. They can install the Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 Beta on it. By then, I was planning to buy a new Windows Phone Professional Edition, but of course budget is the main factor.

Last night, (May 12, 2010) I was on the Microsoft Office 2010 Community Launch Party at Microsoft Philippines and joined the celebration the final release of Microsoft Office 2010 suite in United State. (The Philippine Launch will still take place in June)

I was mingled with my officemates, Windows7ako and Office2010tayo fan page people and Sir Edgar "EJ" Lopez Jr. – Microsoft Office Product Evangelist. I have a changed to spoke with Sir EJ and raised my concern on my windows phone on installing the Microsoft Office Mobile 2010.

Good news because as per Microsoft Office Product Evangelist, Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 on WM standard edition can now be install and use. Wow, my dreams come true (fairy tales hehehe) Ok I will check it tomorrow as I said to Sir EJ. <<<End conversion. >>>

Today I checked the Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 at, and yes the Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 for standard edition.

I shouted YES!!!… Finally my dreams come true. I immediately install the Microsoft office 2010 on my Window mobile phone.

I can read/write  new document on Word Mobile 2010, Excel Mobile 2010, and OneNote Mobile 2010, wow amazing!!!.  before I only do read documents



Many Thanks to Sir   Edgar "EJ" Lopez Jr. – Microsoft Office Product Evangelist.

Screen shots

to follow….. 




Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 brings the powerful Microsoft Office 2010 tools you use every day to the screen of your Windows phone. With rich interfaces especially designed for small devices, Office Mobile 2010 is a free upgrade for Windows Mobile 6.5 phones that have an earlier version of Office Mobile installed. By installing this application, you agree to the Terms of Use for Microsoft Office Mobile 2010 that are described below.


  • View and edit your Microsoft® Office® documents with confidence.
  • Take notes on your phone with ease – insert voice clips, pictures or make a quick list.
  • Experience intuitive and familiar user interface.

Released: 5/12/2010
Version: 6.5
Size: 4116 KB
Company Contact Info:

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