Blogger’s 11th Birthday Party

When:  Tuesday, August 31, 2010 6:00 PM
Where: Top Shelf, 5th floor of Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, Global City, Taguig. Manila, Philippines

organised by:  Azrael Coladilla

Blogger Fiesta Meetup is worldwide celebration of Blogger’s 11th Birthday. In Philippine we have 7 different party locations, Davao, 2 location Cebu, 2 location in Ilo-ilo, Cagayan and Manila.
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Blogger’s 11th Birthday Party

Last year, Blogger turned ten. We were excited to present you with a (small-but-mighty) bounty of gifts, a token to commemorate all of your contributions over the years.

Now we’re a year older (and would like to think a bit wiser), have some great features under our belt and are ready for another celebration with you, our closest friends. For Blogger’s 11th birthday, we’re hosting the first ever Blogger global birthday party!

We’ll keep it simple—we set the date, you set the parties and Meetup Everywhere will help facilitate (free of charge!). Through the wonder of Meetup Everywhere, you’ll be able to find other bloggers in your area and either join a celebration that has already been set up or start a new party local to you. The goal is to get together in-person, chat about blogging and celebrate with friends you may have otherwise only met online. Meetups can be simple, and no party is too small. Plus, we’ll be supplying each party with a download-able pack of party supplies, including makings for party hats, name tags and signs. And who knows, there may even be other treasures and surprises in store.

Your invitation

What: Blogger’s 11th birthday celebration!
How: Sign up for a Meetup near you or get one going in your town.
Where: Anywhere you are.
Who: Everyone! You never know who might show up.
When: Any time on Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How it works

Everything you need is on our BloggerFiesta Meetup site. To find a party near you, do a quick search on the map. To join a scheduled party, click on the I’m Interested button on the party details page. To start a new party, click on Schedule a Meetup near you at the bottom of the BloggerFiesta site.

When you start or join a party, consider volunteering to be the Meetup organizer. Anyone can do it, plus you’ll get fame and glory. That gives you the ability to set the venue and time of the party. Also, don’t neglect the commenting functionality—you can use it to chat and plan with your fellow attendees prior to the party. What you do at the birthday party is completely up to you.

If you want to get started talking about the meet-ups, you can
comment on our Facebook page
Tweet using the hashtag #bloggerfiesta
Post in our Help Forum
Tag photos in Picasa Web Albums with bloggerfiesta

See you on the 31st! We’ll have our party hats on.

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