It’s not too late to give a birth day gift to my partner in life.

Last October 20, NUFFNANG PH announced that DKNY Philippines is giving away 50 DKNY Be Delicious Sample Fragrances and Lotions to Nuffnangers who want to join the Delicious Core Club and design their own Be Delicious bottle (facebook)
NUFFNANG PH is giving away a pair of DKNY Be Delicious Sample Fragrance and Lotion.
“Simply fill up the form (to appear on October 21 at exactly 10:30am) with necessary information — the first 50 Nuffnangers who do will get one (1) DKNY Be Delicious Deluxe Sample Fragrance and also one (1) DKNY Be Delicious Lotion for free!”
On the following day, (morning) I was in Oracle Philippines and attended the free technology seminar, luckily the conference room has an internet access. I waited to up the form on an immediately sign-up the form. After I filled-up the form, I also email and chatted my friend John Remir (also a Nuffnanger) to read and fill-up the form. My friend was on vacation in China for a month since October.  
 Luckily we were on the on the list. I’m on the 19th and John was on 41st.  But we need to claim the prize until November 5 (Friday).  
Last November 1 (all saint day), my partner in life got her 29th Birthday, unfortunately I lack in budget to buy a gift for her.  Nuffnang save my day, bringing a good fortune. It’s not too late to give a gift to my partner in life.
Yesterday, after work, I claimed the prize at Nuffnang office location at BHC in Taguig city with John Remir (they were backed last October 31 after their China vacation)
I was arrived at home around 8 o’clock in the evening and surprised my wife. “I have a gift for you” a DKNY Be Delicious Fragrance and Lotion. She said “wow” with big eyes.
Thank you Nuffnangph and DKNY.

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