SYNC: MUSIC + TECH 2014 presented by Spinnr Indie

The Internet and mobile technology has affected all our lives, and definitely the way we listen to music. A lot of fans have ditched the CD in favor of tracks downloaded from online stores and illegal sites directly to their smartphones. iPhones and Androids are the new Walkmans. Album liner notes have given way to Tumblr and Facebook pages.

Tech has also affected the way musicians create and promote music. Recording studios have shrunk down to the size of laptops and tablets, allowing anyone to record digital music, and music promotion and discovery is increasingly done through social media than label or radio promotion. It’s a brave new world, and while not everyone’s happy about the changes, many artists have successfully adapted to the new realities.



Presented by SPINNR INDIE – Spinnr’s Independent Artist Program, SYNC: MUSIC + TECH is a conference that takes a look at how musicians today are using digital tech to create, promote, and distribute music.

After all has been said and done, the music lives on.

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