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Carmudi makes car-shopping super simple: Browse it, search it, park it, and compare it

18th November 2014, Berlin, Germany – Arrive at the dealer, walk past the salesman, take the keys and go for a test drive. All pre-arranged? Yes. That’s the kind of refreshing experience Carmudi is bringing to the fingertips of its users going car-shopping online. Carmudi, the fastest way to buy and sell your car online, is now offering a highly personalized experience for car buyers to choose their wheels based on not just the conventional choices of price, mileage, color or brand type, but also lifestyle.

So if you happen to be an eco-friendly geek, be assured that as you fill in your lifestyle choice, within a split second you will get a comprehensive list of the greenest cars on the platform. Or if you happen to be a family person with four kids, then the more spacious SUVs or city-friendly subcompacts would be recommended. Stefan Haubold, Global Managing Director of Carmudi commented, “The idea is to make the users feel as if they were interacting with a salesman who shows them around as per their specific needs and desires. Save the fact that there is no constant pestering to make the purchase instantly. You can relax in your living room as you cruise through different car showrooms virtually on Carmudi.”   

But what makes Carmudi so different from other car sites? “Well the search is significantly faster as the site only loads what is absolutely necessary. If say, you decide to search for a red Toyota Corolla, it will take a minimum of 2 days to visit about 60 showrooms within your area. However, on Carmudi, it merely takes about 8 minutes to search over 60 showrooms,” added Haubold.


Browse it

On average, the car buying process takes up to 30 days or more. For some of the Carmudi users, this cycle has been reduced to less than 4 days. You could start with browsing if you are not sure what you want to purchase or how much you want to shell out. Within a an hour or two, you can easily skim through broader categories such as top brands, body styles and lifestyles as you slowly zero in your key preferences.    

Search it

But once you know what you want, you can straight away pick your price range, mileage, color or any possible keyword that defines your choice and plug into Carmudi search. Within seconds, your desired car palette will be displayed with contact information of dealers in your area. Through 24/7 push notifications, the dealer will be immediately informed of your interest in the chosen car via email or SMS. This shall enable a much faster and improved communication between the buyer and seller.

Park it, compare it

It’s like a ‘shopping basket’ concept. As you click on ‘park and compare’ option below your shortlisted car, your car is automatically saved in ‘My Garage’, a hot feature that allows you to compare your findings with all the car specs on a single page. So get a bird’s eye view before you toss your choices. 

Share it

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced one, a second opinion never hurts. The sharing option makes it very simple for you to get your friends on Facebook to comment on your potential purchase. But if you still feel lost, you can get some expert tips or advice on Let’s talk cars’.   

With this re-launch of the website, Carmudi is all set to take the Philippine market by storm, which shows very ideal conditions for car classifieds. The Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (Campi) predicts that the car industry will easily sustain its double-digit growth in 2015, and is hopeful it will hit the 300,000-unit sales mark in 2015. Through the re-launch of the Carmudi website, Carmudi will be able to strongly support these sales predictions. officially launched its new website last November 25, 2014 at R Space Events Place in Makati. Industry partners Smart and C! Magazine were in attendance, as well as the top car dealers in Metro Manila, in support of Carmudi. Two lucky guests went home with the privilege to take a new Ford Fiesta out for an adventure, courtesy of Ford Global City. Food Panda also gave out prizes throughout the event.









So if you are looking to buy a car in an easy and hassle-free way, get it on or  simply download the Carmudi app to find it on the go.

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