Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. introduced Revvy Bear last 2016 and was intended to be an icon of the brand. As a cuddly bear, it may seem opposite to the toughness exuded by motorcycles; but Yamaha isn’t all about the muscle of its exterior. The company has always been about heart. This led to the development of a figure that is not a machine but a symbol that the public can easily connect with emotionally.

Revvy Bear is more than a mascot, it is a representation of Yamaha’s warmth and care that is delivered to customers beyond its products. Slowly but surely, Revvy Bear is becoming part of the Philippine culture and a staple in every Yamaha event and activity. But Revvy was not just made to be adored from afar, those who were captivated by the lovable creature had the chance to have their own piece through contests and games. Revvy comes in all shapes and sizes that can be used as a cuddle buddy or even a key chain.

After Yamaha celebrated 10 years in the country, Revvy Bear will continue to be an integral part for years to come; from a complementary part of a program to the main protagonist in campaigns, this adorable manifestation of Kando is here to stay.

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